Perhaps worse, rumors are plentiful saying the guy she enjoys is a keen outlaw

While investigating the gifts he reveals Juniper’s emails which is went from the handwritten levels one to happen his term-so that as a romance story regarding early in the day joins their own community, Johnny might find yet , you to definitely pledge and you will strength wade submit give

The very last Ovdje se preusmjeravaju thing a lady while on the move demands would be to discover by herself married for the wealthiest rancher when you look at the Texas…

Keely O’Brien has actually spent for the last four days on the run, but no matter what she does, she are unable to appear to evade the latest ring out of hazardous criminals you to definitely killed their sister in the Chi town. Whenever she spots an advertising for a wife from the holder off a tiny ranch into the a secluded increase from Texan desert, she understands she actually is found the perfect covering up destination. The fresh new Wolf Part Band could well be looking all over to own their unique, however they won’t think to look-in small, sun-scorched city of Twin Rivers, Texas. Now when the she will just keep their unique the brand new husband away from seeking away as to the reasons she most married your…

Agamemnon “Wes” Westin’s ft was securely rooted from inside the Western Tx soil, but their cardio try powering… Powering on death of 1st partner and you will stillborn child, and powering regarding anxiety about distress loss once more. Unfortuitously, he’s got nothing options regarding the being forced to get married, but the guy has a choice in the just who he marries. That’s why the guy decides to work at an advertisement having a bride-to-be, stating that he has a tiny ranch, instead of the vast cows empire he passed down out of their father. Anyway, exactly what lady shall be distressed when she discovers their spouse is one of the richest dudes during the Colorado?

When Wes learns Keely was concealing out of bad guys who require their deceased, the guy can not assist but protect her-whether or not she’s irate that have your having lying about the proportions out-of their farm. Whenever chances happens during the Dual Streams, both Wes and you may Keely are against its strongest fears. Commonly it let the serious pain and you may previous losings damage its aspirations? Otherwise often Wes and you will Keely find a way to create a great new lease of life to each other?

Marshal Beau Garrett blogged a desperate post having a nanny to wrangle the five unruly children the guy passed on. So just why is this area skip within his jail saying so you’re able to end up being his betrothed? Penelope Parker imagine brand new mail-acquisition fiance post is their unique salvation whenever she escaped the city and you will a decideded upon age for the mix-up, but it does not matter, she wouldn’t go back. Which have 1 week to alter Beau’s head, she’ll just walk upwards their own muddied skirts, tame the children and you will persuade their own reluctant groom the guy means a spouse.

In the event that he has to generally share their roof with people, the guy desires a lady just who functions hard and does not whine

Upon coming in inside the Kenworthy, Ca, mail-buy bride Juniper Cohen is actually came across of the beating of the gold-mine, an enthusiastic untamable landscaping, and her best treat of the many: the type and you will loving guy just who awaits her. But once brand new mine demonstrates blank out of funds, if in case Juniper’s partner, John, vanishes, Juniper try left to fend for by herself and her more youthful daughter throughout the dwindling boomtown that’s today their domestic.

Juniper pencils characters in order to their particular husband but fears she’s wishing with the a beneficial ghost. Residing an excellent ghost area requires trusting the new kindness out-of good couple left souls, including the individual that is also unlock the latest secret out-of their particular partner’s disappearance-and Juniper’s emergency would depend just upon these family as well as the strength of cardiovascular system she have to fight to steadfastly keep up.

Modern. Seeking to refrain the brand new agony out-of his failed relationships, Johnny Sutherland places themselves into elevating his college students and you can repairing good hundred-year-dated given up farmhouse as to what used to be labeled as Kenworthy, California, throughout the San Jacinto Hills.