Perceptions off controllability and sincerity mediated the relationship anywhere between excuse style of and task out-of more desirable jobs (95% CI,

We conducted the same analysis predicting perceived controllability. There was no main effect of role, F(1, 407) = .31, p = .58, ? 2 = .00; but there was a marginally significant interaction, F(1, 407) = 2.99, p = .085, ? 2 = .01; such that, while, givers of currency excuses predicted lower perceived controllability compared to givers of day excuses (Mmoney = 3.45, SD = 1.49; Mtime = 4.15, SD = 1.60), F(1, 407) = , p < .001, ? 2 = .05, actual discrepancies in perceptions were of a much greater magnitude (Mmoney = 3.21, SD = 1.52; Mtime = 4.28, SD = 1.58), F(1, 407) = , p < .001, ? 2 = .11.

Understood trustworthiness

We conducted the same analysis predicting perceived trustworthiness. There was no main effect of role, F(1, 407) = .36, p = .55, ? 2 = .00; but there was a significant interaction between role and excuse type, F(1, 407) = , p = .001, ? 2 = .03. While excuse-givers predicted their time and money excuses would be perceived as similarly trustworthy (Mmoney = 5.18, SD = 1.31; Mtime = 5.11, SD = 1.31; F(1, 407) = .28, p = .60, ? 2 = .00), excuse-receivers perceived communication of money scarcity to be much more trustworthy than communication of time scarcity (Mmoney = 5.42, SD = 1.18; Mtime = 4.76, SD = 1.39; F(1, 407) = , p < .001, ? 2 = .06).


We examined the new mediating part out of private controllability and you can after that honesty out-of excuses for the effect of justification types of towards the number of preferred photo assigned of the reason-receivers playing with Process (Hayes & Preacher, 2014 ), following model 6. Results are shown for the Table S7. 01 to .06).


Data 4 analyzed a behavioral measure of prosocial orientation-what amount of desirable photos assigned inside the a contributed rating task-indicating you to definitely organization of your energy lack-associated reasons gotten fewer popular photo so you can speed than team of money scarcity-related excuses. It change is mediated from the the way the posts is thought-users recognized article authors of time (versus. money) reasons for so much more private command over the latest financial support, making the content of your own reason check shorter dependable.

I and demonstrated an enthusiastic asymmetry regarding the impact from excuses. Excuse-givers failed to anticipate differences in what number of trendy tasks that they could well be designated or differences in exactly how reliable it could well be seen in line with the sort of excuse considering. More over, when you find yourself communicators regarding scarce resources did expect that they might be perceived as having even more private command over go out than money, which impact was notably underestimated. While you are money reasons had been sensed as quicker inside your handle and in turn far more dependable, those who produced such as for example content didn’t anticipate how its communication could be imagined, or perhaps the effects of those perceptions with the interpersonal closeness and prosocial choices.

General Discussion

Around the six degree presented in the context of personal requests, mentioning a deficiency of time (compared to. money) undermined social intimacy and prosociality (H1). It impact are driven because of the feeling that people have more personal power over its date (versus. money), best men and women to understand these types of excuses once the reduced reliable (H2). More over, the end result of energy rather than currency reasons to your interpersonal closeness try attenuated when people really experienced day shortage (H3), if things about funding scarcity have been non-discretionary (H4), just in case an invite was to the near as opposed to faraway future (H5).

Theoretical ramifications

Basic, our very own overall performance subscribe attribution idea, that has primarily examined exactly how someone perceive efforts, ability, chance, while the assistance of someone else given that cause of lives end and you may incapacity (elizabeth.g., Weiner, 1985 ) otherwise just how causal ascriptions out-of other’s profits and you will failures determine people’s evaluations and choices for the someone else (e.grams., Laczniak, ). I expose time and money as essential causal ascriptions that people tend to play with since excuses having rejecting personal needs, and you can demonstrate that day excuses is regarded as significantly more manageable than just financial excuses. Additionally, we sign up to the newest expanding literary works comparing the fresh psychology of money instead of go out fool around with (e.g., Liu & Aaker, 2008 ), and supply the first empirical proof root the newest emotional effects of interpersonal telecommunications from the money and time.