Love sick, artwork by the Samm Schwartz; Veronica feigns a major damage to step out of a romantic date with Archie

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“Knit Wits,” pens from the Dan DeCarlo, inks by Terry Szenics; Veronica notices purple when Betty knits matching sweaters on her and Archie. “Vet Dogs,” pencils by the Dan DeCarlo, inks because of the Terry Szenics; Veronica features good break towards the newest doctor in town. Untitled facts, inks by the Joe Edwards; Betty and you may Veronica are on the telephone. “Prancing at nighttime,” script by the Honest Doyle, pencils of the Harry Lucey; When Veronica invites Archie so you can this lady house for lunch, Betty and Reggie receive themselves so you can chaperone. “Data Distress”; Veronica will get a surprise when she feigns drowning to attract the latest notice of your beach lifeguard. “Prompt Prom Promotion,” art by Samm Schwartz; Betty and you will Veronica can not mask its contempt to own an other scholar. “Hoarse Feel,” artwork from the Samm Schwartz; Archie grouses in regards to the region he acquired about college gamble. Katy Keene Laughs web page, pencils by the Hazel Marten (as the Statement Woggon), inks by the Kathy Expenses. “Swimming Suitor,” ways by the Joe Edwards; Archie requires Betty on a move time. “Rush Worry,” artwork of the Joe Edwards; Veronica gets dropped by the authorities. “Therefore Help me to” text message facts, pens of the Harry Lucey, inks by the Terry Szenics; Betty reluctantly believes so you can tutor Veronica during the Latin, since the Veronica can not see a dance which have Archie if the she goes wrong. “A bona fide-Moved Boy”; Betty invites Jughead over to let tutor your. When he happens, Jughead invites himself to the her kitchen. “Mixed Dates”; Veronica pledges the woman fidelity in order to Archie, up until his money run off. “Acute Cutting-edge,” pens from the Samm Schwartz; Betty identifies she’s got a keen inferiority advanced. “Guide Schnook,” pencils from the Samm Schwartz; Reggie really wants to understand why Dilton cannot pursue lady. “Tooth Distraction”; Veronica possess a remedy to own Archie’s concern about the dentist. “From Bard in order to Worse”; Whenever Betty and you may Veronica demand you to definitely Archie and Reggie spend your time with high-minded, literature-possessed the fresh pupil, the boys violation him over to Jughead looking to hit new boy from his highest horse. “Agony,” artwork because of the George Frese; Archie asks Betty to type a valentine’s day poem that he is give to Veronica. thirty-six pgs., full color. ten.

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Security artwork because of the Samm Schwartz. Late Day, pens by the Dan DeCarlo; Betty and you will Veronica overhear Archie and Reggie attending get some good dates; They decide to ply the newest guys with lots of house cooking to maintain their attention. Technology Defiance, pencils from the Statement Vigoda; Jughead convinces Betty that his barometer try an infallible precipitation predictor and you can this woman is calculated to have believe on it it does not matter just what. Betty attempts to utilize this to help you the woman virtue. 36 pgs. $0.ten. 10.

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Defense ways by the Samm Schwartz. “Language barrier,” ways from the Samm Schwartz; Archie is failing French and also the girls collude to store him of becoming tutored of the particular lovely elder class college student. “Swell up Smelling,” pens by the Dan DeCarlo, inks from the Vincent DeCarlo; Betty keeps a virtually encounter which have a group out-of soldiers. “The Weaker Sex,” pencils from the Dan DeCarlo, inks by Vincent DeCarlo; Veronica being a faltering daughter is all into the Archie’s head, and you will she is designed to ensure that it it is this way. “Finale Strike,” pencils of the George Frese, inks from the Joe Edwards; Betty helps make a late-nights phone call so you can Veronica. “Loan Rider,” pencils by the George Frese, inks from the Joe Edwards; Archie decides he’s going to outwit Reggie’s you will need to borrow some thing. “The newest Much time Number,” pencils of the Dan DeCarlo, inks because of the Rudy Lapick; Veronica makes Archie hold off if you are she changes. “Food having Imagine,” pencils from the Dan DeCarlo, inks by Rudy Lapick; Betty complains to help you Jughead about becoming leered in the. “Time Bait,” ways from the Samm Schwartz; Betty tries to rating lunkhead Archie to help you kiss the girl. “This new Nostrils Understands,” pens by Dan DeCarlo, inks by Rudy Lapick; Veronica purchases an expensive the newest perfume so you can impress Archie. “Guarantee Opera,” ways because of the Samm Schwartz; Betty begins researching Archie on profile on her favorite radio detergent opera and you will Archie actually calculating right up. “Notice More Matter,” artwork of the Samm Schwartz; Veronica was smitten which have a mature child, a pal away from this lady dad, with no lengthened features returning to Archie or Reggie. “Eden Bent,” pens because of the Dan DeCarlo, inks of the Rudy Lapick; Archie wrecks his automobile if you find yourself taking a trip partner’s lane which have Veronica. “One of several Crowd,” ways by Joe Edwards; Wilbur attempts to generate a new pupil feel welcome. “A watch to possess Beauty,” pens Samm Schwartz; Veronica tries to ruin Betty’s opportunity which have Archie using this lady the brand new creator eyeliner. “Into the Hunt,” pens by the Dan DeCarlo, inks of the Rudy Lapick; Betty tries to appeal a handsome neighbors. thirty six pgs., color. twelve.