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Everybody have posted some interesting histories about people who they admired.In my case I chose one of my favorite singers.He is Andrea Bocelli,I like How He can play the piano.Please, let me talk about him.Andrea Bocelli is a blind Italian tenor who didn’t give up in the face of problems.His parents and he lived in a farm and sometimes they couldn’t pay their debts. So Harvesting Chiato Bocelli was their principal support.In his childhood, he was not able to play with other children because he suffered of glaucoma. One day He wanted to play like everybody so while he played soccer he had an accident and got blind.After, in his twelve years; he had the ability to practice music. Andrea enjoyed playing the piano and sax.His mentor urged him to take classes he even had to work in bars.Finally, His success came when he sang with Pavarotti and recording albums as a soloist. His expectations were realized with his musical producer.I hope that you enjoy my little story.

Hello again everybody ! This is my last writting, I hope you like it and help me to improve it. Genetic testing is curreltly becoming popular but even with this revolutionary testing in which we can know what diseases we would have, can cause on people a negative effect and also the risk factor that can indicate a positive generic result.

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The advantages of this kind of test is that who support genetic testing believe it has potential to save many lives. For example this is the case of a person if she hadn’t been tested, she would never have known that I had an elevated risk of type-2 diabetes. Because of her test results, she was able to change her lifestyle before developing the disease.

On the negative side the impact of a negative result could cause psychological effects, can lead to risk unhealthy desicions, for instance. Moreover, patients could interpretate the result incorrectly.

Yes, my friend. There are pros and cons when it comes to this test. I’m still thinking if is it beneficial or all the contrary. See you tomorrow 🙂

Hi,everybody. This is my first writing, Mozart was considered a genius because he was playing the violin and piano by age 4 https://www.hookupdate.net/local-hookup/winnipeg/ and composing by age 6. Mozart was born in Austria. He composed more than 600 musics in his life, however his first music was composed when he was 5 years old. He could retain sounds in his head like images for that reason I think he could assimilate a lot of note. In conclusion, he had many abilities to create new beautiful music.

Despite having much hopelessness in his career to be a handicapped, he did not give up and continued thanks to the support of his family and children

I really like the classic music from Mozart because he has a variety in the instruments and obviously he is a great genius

HelloThis is my second writing My best friend is called Jazmin, she is a person who was faced great obstacles in her life but has found ways to overcome and actually benefit from these obstacles. For example, when she was 10 years old her mother died but she undertood the situation and continued with her life. Moreover, my best friend had problems to understand math; however, she studied very hard and she entered university when she was 18 years old. actually, she is an engineer. Her childhood was tormented because she had to live with her cousin who didn’t like to take care of her but she always is showing a beautiful smail. In conclusion, she always tries to be a positive person who confronts obstacles.