Finally, there clearly was a near-inside role (Level You to) off private bodyguards

Tier One to

This contingent seems to be relatively small. Putting on fatigues and you will job limits, and you can equipped with pistols, the team sticks close to the leader.

On the specific circumstances, plainclothes bodyguards praise Kim, especially when the guy match which have foreign leaders otherwise journey overseas. They are recognized often courtesy its attire ­– office attire, dress shirts and you will coordinating striped ties – otherwise through their conclusion and you will position in addition to undeniable fact that it tend to tower more all the others regarding photos.

Level You to coverage: Kim Jong United nations that have personal-from inside the plainclothes protection guards known because of the the coordinating ebony gray provides and you can blue striped ties. Photo: KCNA

Photos seem to show the current presence of Kim Chol Gyu. Indeed, he or she is seen commonly adequate that it is probably they are introduce during the practically all the leader’s appearances. Sometimes, in the event the chief is during a developing with quite a few bed room, “Grandpa” is seen going ahead to see in which Kim usually wade 2nd.

This is the scenario with Kim Jong Un’s group meetings having following-president Donald Trump during the Hanoi, Singapore at the new Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), and additionally Kim Jong Un’s visit to Moscow to generally meet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Protection chief Kim Chol Gyu treks before Kim Jong Us along with his coverage outline as the Northern Korean chief brains into the the demarcation range on Korean DMZ to fulfill upcoming-chairman Donald Trump, . Photo: Korean Main Tv

In general, it seems Kim’s bodyguards try to avoid being snap, and regularly was partly obscured otherwise of figure getting nonetheless photographers. But this does not appear to be your situation to have movies, nor really does here seem to be the majority of an effort in order to edit him or her away. Frost frames out-of Northern Korean clips will deliver the really sharing insights.

In the outdoor configurations, the mid-range swinging fringe as well as the close-inside the personal guards are very productive. When Kim check outs an army setting up to review the newest soldiers, such as for instance, a guard will flow often simply at the rear of or ahead of him, while most other shields position themselves over the very side distinct the latest developed troops.

Level One to security once the Kim suits KPA troops. Shelter master Kim Chol Gyu was instantly at the rear of Kim, partly blurry escort Glarus State. At the rear of your is actually an equipped soldier seeing the group. Photo: Korean Central Television

Indoors, a couple of guards constantly predate the best choice, examining per area as he gets in, following exiting, tend to from the sliding along the wall, whenever the guy actions into the. Not merely really does Kim Chol Gyu themselves sometimes guess this part, but the guy and additionally from time to time tend to escort the first choice right up or off stairs.

Always, shields are organized trailing your, particularly when he could be while making his way-down particularly challenging stairways otherwise ladders during the military installation or for the navy vessels.

Perception safe, staying alive

At that time immediately following Kim Jong United nations been successful their father within the later 2011, photo presented security staff somewhat next to your, since if he requisite even more extreme security in the the newest part.

But just after more 10 years, predicated on so what can get noticed inside photos and you can films, it seems Kim has started to become somewhat sure, all of the latest respect ones assigned which have making sure their protection and of his bigger status with the North Korean anyone.

He will not appear to be afraid of crowds. Indeed, the images strongly recommend the guy have pressing the brand new skin, and you will seems safe enough to take action.

Zero commander can be previously feel really well safe. In 1984, Indian finest minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by the among her bodyguards, and in 1979 Southern area Korean dictator Park Chung Hee are murdered because of the his protection chief.