As well as started to deal with Tokifusa one final time

Obtaining advantage on Tokifusa while they surround him, new Pillar General propels an enthusiastic arrow into the dammed waterfall, they are available in order to highest floor to cease are destroyed of the drinking water. Tokifusa choice overcome once more, Nosuri decides to get rid of the brand new wonderful secure towards river however, Tokifusa’s crave to possess fuel drove your so you’re able to chase the newest close and you will falls to help you his dying.

A few days just after Tokifusa’s defeat, all the clans in the country already been joined while the Nosuri is titled chieftain out of Izuhura of the Anju yourself. Genho appears on the people of the nation if you’re tendermeets Nosuri are assisting Oshtor in the Ennakamuy. Once they come back to the headquarter in the Ennakamuy, Nosuri attracts Oshtor in the future query while the everyone else is busy. Inside the hunting Nosuri exhibited some appeal pass Oshtor therefore the second is suspecting it. Because the sundown arrives, Oshtor offers Nosuri on the back as they go to the castle.

With Tokifusa’s demise, Yamato intrusion pushes on the Ennakamuy has problem towards Purple Financing, today Oshtor gets the service regarding each other Kujyuri and Izuhura.

Ennakamuy sensuous Springs [ ]

Which have dedication, Oshtor been able to create the newest waterway from Obaro River in order to Ennakamuy thus a massive water supply to benefit both the some body and you can this new army,Kuon are overjoyed for this as the she can possess a hot shower over time. Towards construction over, Kuon takes Oshtor so you’re able to an attractive Spring privately generate. Kuon therefore the female take a shower inside a paragraph having themselves while you are Oshtor, Kiwru, Jachdwalt and you can Ougi use the section for men. Sadly which happiness getting Oshtor concerns a swift end after he invited brand new troops ahead inside the as well, using this type of section of the sexy spring season might have been surpass of people place leftover, Oshtor takes his exit, making Kiwru trailing as he pleads getting saved regarding crowd.

Shyahoro and you can Nakoku [ ]

Oshtoru, Kuon together with other individuals review the new benefits of their battles because the they receive a lot of profile and you may page from all over the fresh new homes, having Kujyuri and you will Izuhura help him or her. Oshtor currently put motions on the Nakoku to gain the help as the well to enable them to gain immediate access into Imperial Financing however, grave information only arrived: Yamato provides occupied Nakoku and it’s really capital Naara has actually dropped. So it problem their plans.

Instantly statement will come you to Soyankekur out-of Shyahoro and you will an enthusiastic envoy of Nakoku started to meet up the woman Highness, Anju. In the meeting immediately after Soyankekur make an appointment with Atuy and you will everyone, the Ouro get directly to bussiness since the prince from Nakoku comes, Itak bows before Anju and you may has which immediate request for army assistance to take back their homeland of Nakoku. Itak really does therefore and you may says to the only direct the latest Yamatan forces try Mikazuchi the overall of your own Remaining. Throughout a short conversation it is revealed that Itak is actually truth Atuy fiance.

In the evening, once the Oshtor analyses Nakoku’s facts, Itak’s demand and worried the newest he’s going to face Mikazuchi again, Kuon is available in to help you their space, because the one another drink teas, Kuon requires regarding their decision to support Nakoku, since the guy already decided to support Itak’s recover so you can their homeland. After Kuon confronts your, she will leave which have a smile to your him.

The team eventually place movement so you can Nakoku having a tiny trip force, into the excursion, it kill sometime and take a break because tend to feel 5 days ahead of getting house. Anju is actually shocked observe the sea the very first time irrespective Munechika keeping an eye on this lady, Nosuri coping this lady seasickness even after the fresh new medicine offered by Kuon, Atuy having fun with Shinonon, Oshtor angling having Kuon. Afterwards Oshtor reach a conversation which have Soyankekur and Itak regarding their options to get in on the battle.