7 Something More: He Mentions The Future

When a guy really likes a girl, he’s not going to do the typical “totally freaked out by any mention of the future” thing. It’s easy to assume that the majority of guys don’t like the idea of commitment, let alone actually getting into a serious relationship since that’s the story that is told in the media and in a lot of movies.

But guys want real love just like girls do, and when you’re on a first date with a guy who sees a future with you, he’s going to bring up the future. He might mention a movie that he wants to see that comes out in a few weeks, meaning that he would love to see you again and see that film with you, or maybe he’ll bring up a restaurant that he’s been wanting to try.

6 Fling: He Gives Vague Answers To Personal Questions

Guys who want flings and absolutely nothing more don’t care about getting to know a girl. That’s a really simple way to separate a guy who wants a fling and is just thinking about one thing from a guy who wants so much more with you.

If he doesn’t see you as girlfriend material (which isn’t offensive since it’s not like he even wants a girlfriend in the first place. ), he won’t want to tell you very much about himself. He also won’t really want to spend the time and make the effort to answer any questions that you ask in a polite, normal manner. Instead, he’ll just give you super vague answers, which will make you ask more questions, which will make his answers even vaguer. Yup, it’s going to be a vicious cycle that will get pretty annoying and will eventually make you just give up.

5 Something More: He Tells You About His Family

The guy that wants you to be his girlfriend, however, isn’t going to give you vague answers. He’s going to tell you a lot about himself and his family background.

You can always separate a guy who likes you from a guy who doesn’t when it comes to whether he’s willing to chat about his family. People take their family backgrounds very seriously and don’t want to talk about their family members and childhood to just anyone. They want to make sure that they can really trust the person that they’re talking to since it feels pretty vulnerable to talk about where you came from and the people that raised you. You should be very flattered if the guy that you’re on a first date with is talking to you about his family.

4 Fling: He Splits The Bill

There are a lot of debates about whether guys should pick up the cheque when they go on a first date, but generally speaking, a guy who just wants a fling is only going to be willing to pay for himself.

He’s not going to act like a gentleman, so he’s definitely not going to pay for your drinks or food if you got any. It basically wouldn’t even occur to him. When the waiter or waitress comes by, he’s always going to say “Separate checks” and he might not be that nice or polite about it since, as it has become super clear, he’s not really the nicest or most polite guy around. He’s also probably dating around and going out a lot, so he’s definitely watching his bank account and doesn’t want to be generous.

3 Something More: He Pays The Bill

Sure, it might be old-fashioned, and sure, you can pay for yourself. But that’s not the point. He wants to be a gentleman (unlike the guy who just wants a fling) and he wants to show you that he cares fabswingers about how you see him. A lot of guys feel like they should pay on the first date when they really like the girl and so it’s just a traditional, conventional thing that they follow. It’s honestly very sweet and can be a good indicator that someone wants to see you again. Of course, sometimes guys just pay even if they don’t want to see you a second time, and that can be confusing. For the most part, though, this means that he likes you.