Robin is so an aspiration girl, beautiful, sexy, modest and you may smart but i’ve found her also sharing

Perona can be so unique if i basic spotted the girl, i failed to stop contemplating her to possess a great sec. Her vision tends to be large and you can wierd but the individuals try this lady possessions. Their cuteness differs from Nami’s or Tashigi’s because hers is actually followed by elegance and goth. The woman is Unique.

Perona was consumed in a rather different style regarding common, with huge bullet eyes. Her hair is white pink colored and also a lot of time. The girl legs are seen with her leg leading inwards inside the good ‘pigeon-toed’ fashion, even when she actually contains the health issue is unknown.

Their style is passionate because of the ‘Gothic Lolita’ design, with black colored, light and bright red. Perona’s usual hair style enjoys they tied up in 2 higher pigtails that have a bit flower-molded grayscale hairpins, and she constantly wears a purple crown having a cross with the finest. The lady tights shelter the lady entire feet and you will wears a mini-dress and you can reddish buckled shoes to fit. She is constantly sporting purple lip stick and a thick coating regarding eyeliner. She’s commonly seen carrying as much as a reddish umbrella shaped somewhat such a lovely style of a micro devil before their competition having Usopp.

7. Nico RobinEdit

I am aware that most people was curious as to why Robin try simply for the 7th rank. I already saw brand new deepness off the woman charm although some and additionally state she’s got nothing else to give. However, the woman laugh, the woman simple but really significant l a lady. Nico Robin is actually “maturely stunning” just like the have a glimpse at tids site Sanji says.

Nico Robin try a tall, lean, yet sports woman having neck-duration black colored locks. From the comic strip, this lady vision try blue with ebony, wide children (brown attention regarding manga, the new 10th in addition to twelfth motion picture), and she’s got an extended, narrow and you may outlined nostrils. On the comic strip, Robin’s skin color are quite black unlike from inside the manga coloured art works in which it is lighter. Robin also is similar to the woman mommy considerably, with the exception of the woman tresses colour and magnificence also since the which have a bit deep pores and skin than their. Robin’s branches are much time, particularly the woman base, contributing greatly to one another the girl fighting opportunities (because of the nature regarding the woman powers) and you can complete peak, and you will like any female emails in the show, she’s a thin sides. The majority of people thought her to-be very attractive or stunning, and you may she, and Nami, are an eyecandy getting fellow crewmember Sanji.

6. Nojiko

I recently lately edited that it, We eliminated Vivi in the record as the We remembered Nojiko. Don’t think away from me personally because imply, Nojiko is actually rather. How does I didn’t realize it?

The girl best sleeve and you can tits is heavily inked – a gesture of sympathy and you can condolence with the Nami, who was embarrassed regarding their tat ofArlong’s jolly roger. About manga, she together with regularly don a bracelet and that she provided so you’re able to Nami. The woman is always seen wearing a good beige sleeveless shirt (both an eco-friendly switch-right up top having red stripes), blue shorts and reddish shoes. In addition, she generally seems to wear pink lip shine.

Following timeskip, the lady tresses has grown longer, she wears lipstick, and she seems to have become slimmer. Much like the lady sibling, her hourglass have are very a whole lot more noticable.

5. Nami Change

Believe you’ve not noticed one-piece yet and just of the considering this lady picture, just be sure to find out if she’s an adverse pet otherwise a keen innocent you to definitely. Tough right? It’s because Nami posseses 2 kinds of beauty: Cuteness and you will Hotness. She is and a lady well worth thinking having, smart, compassionate, slutty and you may pretty. Pull away their greediness, she is their protector angel.